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1-Name: Carol Ann.
2-Age: 16
3-Location: Larchmont.

4-5 Favorite Bands: A Perfect Circle, Fallout Boy, The Aquabats, Catch-22, Brand New.
5-3 Favorite Books: Choke, Lullaby, Invisible Monsters
6-3 Favorite Movies: American Beauty, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction

7-What is emo?: Emo isn't something that someone can be classified as. It's not a label. Emo is a mindset.
8-Why do you want to join alone_and_emo?: I'm looking for a place where I can talk to other people like me, and people who have similar interests.
9-(if you can)2-3 pictures of yourself:

emo and isys house 067

ross bought me a georgia shirt.

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