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1-Name: Sadness Lonely McEmo
2-Age: I am ageless. I wander the earth alone. I have always done this, will always do this.
3-Location: The Land of Sadness
4-5 Favorite Bands: The sound of tears falling. Dashboard Confessional.
5-3 Favorite Books: Hamlet, the prince of emo.
6-3 Favorite Movies: One I made of me crying black tears for eight hours. And Cabaret, becasue I aspire to wear eyeliner like Liza Minnelli.
7-What is emo?: Q is emo. i am emo.
8-Why do you want to join alone_and_emo?: Because nobody understands me, and I am forced to sit in a corner and cry because I am so alone. I hate the world, and flowers are ugly and I want to die.
9-(if you can)2-3 pictures of yourself:
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