rebekah (love_bill_cosby) wrote in alone_and_emo,

1-Name: mutilated raven's wings
2-Age: there is no time when you are trapped inside a black hole.
3-Location: nowhere.

4-5 Favorite Bands: simple plan, death by stereo, death cab for cutie, matchbook romance, hawthorne heights,
5-3 Favorite Books: The emo girl's guide to life, cutting to heal, bandages and wounds
6-3 Favorite Movies:Emo in alabama, Emo in new jersey, Emo in the milky way.

7-What is emo?: it is the only label that identifies with my soul. i feel the word's expectations ravage my wrists and satiate me at the brink of extermination.
8-Why do you want to join alone_and_emo?: because i only connect with those of my kind.
9-(if you can)2-3 pictures of yourself:


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